12 Important Questions to Ask Your Office Furniture Supplier before Buying

April 7, 2021

Are you planning to get new furniture for your office space but finding it hard to get started?

Buying furniture is not a simple task nowadays. Before coming to a final decision, you need to do thorough research and weigh several factors such as delivery details, post-sales services, customer support, furniture assembly, warranty, replacement, return policy, etc.  

Even after you Google “office furniture supplier” in your location, you will be presented with several different attractive websites/store options on the first page, with all claiming to be the best. Rather than going with their word, you should first prepare a set of critical questions to ask them to get a general sense of whether the supplier is experienced, offers high-quality service, and is the right fit for your needs or not. You will also get to find out about the different furniture options that the supplier can offer.

Since furniture is a long-term investment, you have to make sure that the furniture you buy is the right one and worth your money and time. Below we have compiled a list of questions that you should ask your potential furniture supplier, along with the answers that you should expect:

1. How Long Have You Been in Business?

This is the first question that you should ask. You would want to work with a reputable and well-established company to provide you high-quality furniture services for your office on time. More years of experience mean on-time delivery of your order, good customer service, timely repairs, and replacement services.

Interiors of BE4 Design office

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2. How long will it take for the delivery and installation? 

If you have a specific opening or reopening date of your office or want to set up client meetings in your newly furnished office, then your new furniture must be delivered and installed on your scheduled date. Make sure that the supplier is responsible and gives you a guaranteed delivery and installation date in writing.

3. What are your references? 

A reliable furniture supplier should be more than happy to provide you references and customer testimonials of their past projects and clients. If they are not able to give you references, then either they are inexperienced or not reliable. You can also check out their online reviews and ratings on Google and other social media sites.

Don’t shy away from contacting the businesses that they have already served in your local area to find out how their experience has been and whether they would work with them again or not.

4. Do you offer a different range of products?

A professional office furniture supplier should offer a versatile range of products to meet your unique design needs. First, you should prepare a list of all the furniture you need, keeping in mind your office space, existing décor, and the nature of your business. Then accordingly, ask your supplier to show you various furniture pieces and options.

Varaschin patio furniture

Pavillion by Varaschin

5. Can you furnish different spaces?

Office space includes different rooms that serve different purposes, such as a reception area, waiting room, breakout areas for employees, workstation, and meeting/conference room. Your furniture supplier should be able to furnish these different areas as per your main office theme and decor.

6. Can you explain your process from purchase to installation?

A professional furniture supplier company should be able to explain the entire process and keep a clear line of communication so that no mistakes occur during the process. They should also allot a dedicated purchase manager who can be your point of contact and help you with all the aspects of your purchase, from placing an order to shipping and installation.

7. What if things go wrong with my furniture?

Sometimes things don’t always turn out the way you expect. No matter how big or small the issue is with your furniture, the supplier should be available to address it and willing to offer repairs and replacement whenever needed. Make sure you understand the warranty process and return process carefully and get everything in writing before finalizing.

8. Why should I choose you?

As a buyer, you have many different options to buy furniture from. Therefore ask the furniture supplier what makes them unique and sets them apart from their competitors. Learn about their specialties, services, product offerings, general pricing, past clients, guarantee coverings, warranty conditions, cancellation policy, return policy, and other details.

9. How long will the furniture last?

The furniture’s durability is an important aspect that you should keep in mind when buying furniture from a supplier. The average employee sits down more than 8 hours per day (5 days a week); if the furniture is not made of good quality, it will not last long.

BE4 Design Tecom HQ 2443

Tecom D3 Headquarters – Be4 Design Furnishing Project

10. Can you stay within my budget?

Although staying in budget is essential, you should never prioritize it over quality.

11. What will be the final price?

Ask them if their final quoted price also includes sales tax, freight charges, shipping, delivery, and installation. Ensure that there are no hidden charges and ask them for total up-front cost before making any commitments.

12. Which furniture style will better suit my company?

Although this is an individual preference, the furniture design will likely depend on the type of your business/industry, floor space, your company culture, brand identity, and the customers you serve. But it doesn’t hurt to ask the furniture company their viewpoint and the different design and color options they can present to you.

Choosing a furniture supplier is an important decision, and it should not be taken in a hurry. As your employees will spend a considerable chunk of their time working, your office furniture’s design and comfort are imperative for their health, productivity, and happiness.

At Be4 Design, our office furniture experts have been offering a wide choice of furniture imported from Italy, Spain, and Germany for various business types in the Middle East market since 1994. Apart from offering you high-quality furniture, we also specialize in design and space planning as well as interior and fit-out works.

To learn more and browse our wide range of office furniture products at competitive prices, contact us today.



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