Premium Furniture Supplier & Interior Design Studio​

BE4 Design cherishes being versatile and multi-talented. We provide Full Design Solutions and define ourselves as a “design problem-solving” company. We deliver perfection to our clients: from high-end design services to best-in-class design solutions.

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We are a dynamic design studio that believes in the creativity and the beauty of "Design".

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BE4 Design’s vision is based on “WE DELIVER EXCELLENCE”.

Thanks to our multi-sectors experience alongside our knowledge of design trends & styles, we create unique tailor crafted designs, which fully express our client’s expectations.

BE4 Design has 2 divisions:

  • Interior Design
  • Furniture Supply

We will ensure Partnership support through a planning process aimed at protecting Client’s goals, timing and budget.

Our vision is to keep up with the latest trends in interior and furniture design, ranging from medium to high-end quality and design, we mostly import our furniture from Europe: Italy, Spain and Germany.

Great Attention To Detail

Top Quality Products & Best Professional Services

We are specialised in interior design as well as furniture supply. With a successful list of multinational clients, private as well as government projects that have been completed, we guarantee the highest standard of quality in interior design, furniture and decor.

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Words From The CEO

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“We offer a tailor-made and creative service for the needs of each customer, which follows all phases of the project: from the reorganization of spaces to interior design to fit-out work, up to electrical, air-conditioning, and plumbing systems.

Thanks to the long experience in Dubai and the Emirates, we also have another critical added value: speed. In two days, you will receive the project and the quotation for your requested work.

But our priority remains quality: that’s why we have always been working for years in collaboration with a team of Italian architects to deliver the highest quality service possible.

Our knowledge of the industry built in over 25 years of work in the field gives us the opportunity to advise you on the best design solutions for your projects, allowing you to create fantastic design experiences while keeping costs low.”