Best Ways to Make the Most of Your Outdoor Space

May 28, 2021

Over time, there has been a tangible shift in home designing aspects, as what’s inside the house that matters and what’s outdoor! If you have been neglecting your yard, balcony, garden, or even a simple porch, these tips will help you utilize the versatility of the outdoor space and the huge styling impact it caters to.


Furniture for outdoor spaces.

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In earlier times, plastic chairs and futons served the purpose of sitting outside. However, as the furniture industry took a sharp turn with design being the bespoke core quality, the furniture options have increased manifold and rightly so.


While creating a thematic outdoor seating, don’t go with anything and everything that you see. Your furniture should be able to withstand variable weather conditions and hence should be robust, comfortable, versatile, and have a waterproof base.


There are many sofa, loungers, chairs, tables, armchairs, benches, umbrellas, dining sets, stools, etc. available in wicker, high-grade plastic, metal, etc. You can also check out our collection of outdoor furniture here *link*


Design Integration

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Your house’s interiors and outdoor space should be synchronized in a way that they feel like an extension of each other; wherein the outdoors can be welcoming with a subtle glimpse of all that is inside.


This can be done by using a similar color scheme for styling and furnishing, coherent lighting, similar kind of upholstery for furniture, etc. The overall look should go with your house’s personality, for example, if it is minimalist inside, the outside can’t be cluttered and if you have used a soft monochrome color band inside, the outdoors can’t be flashy or loud. Such contrast will look like a huge break and even a void in your overall house design & will definitely not look good either.


Accessorize-Exactly like you do in your living room


Yes, give your outdoor space some personal touches and add accessories to bring about the glamour that it so deserves. For permanent fixtures use weatherproof products, which could include fountains, sculptures, water bowls, mirrors, solar-powered garden lights, etc. For seasonal accessories, you can make use of candles, lamps, vases, table-top figurines, hanging lights, etc.


This would make your space irresistible to your guests and family alike.


Go green

The outdoor won’t feel like outdoors if it weren’t for nature and greenery. So take mindful care in creating and maintaining a garden, lawn, potted plants, etc., as per the space you have. 


If you are a balcony owner, then you can make use of hanging pots, corner creepers, tuck-on railing potters, and small or big pots. Here you can’t grow veggies or fruits but herbs and flowers will not only look good but can also be utilised.


If you have a huge space, then you can grow a garden and keep it balanced with veggies, fruits, flowers, some long-lasting trees alongside the boundary wall, and ornamental plants around the seating space. Imagine yourself basking in the glory of the sun, sitting on a comfy lounger, and looking at your garden; that feeling should motivate you if nothing else to get on to it right away!


Proper upkeep and care will keep your green space clean, manicured, and oh-so enticing!


Heating element

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The central heating will not work outside so you will have to add some heating options outside to enjoy the space with your friends and family without any weather constraint.


Small or medium size heaters can be used both inside and outside and they are easy to handle and customise.


A fire pit is also another option if you have a large space. This will make your space ooze off the warmth quite literally! It will add to the soft glow as conversations happen around it and food is served.


Focal point

Now, this is important. The way your living room seems finite with a center table and seating options around it, completing the look with drapes, curtains, rugs, and cabinets; your outdoor space should also have a focal point making it seem finite. 


This necessarily does not mean that you have to be overly conscious about this and surround all your sections around it, but just that it should give an idea about the primary and secondary areas of your outdoors. For instance, the dining area or a bar could be a secondary area so this can be a bit far from the focal point.


A large center table, table-top fire pit or an independent vase-shaped fireplace, a low-intensity miniature fountain, etc. can be some good options.


Creating an outdoor space can be a relaxing activity in itself, and as it helps you think and ponder, your creativity will reach its epitome. With seasons you can also keep on changing and upgrading your space making it seem new all the time. With these tips, you will be able to design your outdoor space in a dreamy manner and make the most of it!


Be4Design offers a versatile range of outdoor furniture options to fit every home! 




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