How right Office Furniture boosts Employees Productivity?

March 12, 2021

A company’s success and the route to achieving that is not one-dimensional. Many components, including company ethics, teamwork, innovation, hiring policies, work culture, etc., play an irrevocable part in helping the said organization excel in glory; employees being the most important one!

A driven, energized, and productive workforce can lead to thriving results and help any organization grow multifold. The intellectual work environment and physical aspects of the office atmosphere play a huge role in boosting employees’ overall morale.

Let us take a closer look at how office furniture can improve employees’ productivity.

Work Desk

Employee white working desks by Fantoni

Sistema28 by Fantoni

When a person is supposed to spend 40-50 hours per week working in the office, it becomes imperative that the employee feels valued and welcomed at his/her workstation. The desk should generate a feel-good-factor that each employee can customize and arrange according to their likes and choice. It should be large enough to give a reasonable space for digital devices as well as personal belongings. The corners shouldn’t be edgy, and surface color should stand out from the walls to give it a finite look. This will create a sense of belonging and positivity as employees engage in work. 


"Equis" office chair to boost employee comfort by Dile Office

Equis chair by Dile

Office chairs should spell COMFORT hands-down for happy employees. Nothing less will do. The respective chairs have to ensure proper posture for each of the employees who work at your office and should have adjustable height and rotating base. Ergonomic chairs provide resting support to the back, neck, and arms. You can prefer that for workstations and meeting rooms. You can choose to go with leatherette or fabric-oriented steady chairs with deep seats for the waiting area or lounge. Couches can also be added in such areas. No cost-cutting should hamper employee health, and as they will feel comforted, their energy levels will remain high throughout the day.

Storage Units

Employee working station composed by modular desks and chair by fantoni

Quaranta5 solution by Fantoni

You ought to provide storage solutions at each work desk or team station to help your employees organize their files, devices, stationary,etc. Providing a table does not suffice the furniture needs of an employee. They should be able to declutter their surroundings as and when required, and providing good, sturdy drawers or stands can help them do that. This will reduce redundancy tendency and boost free creative flow.

Recreational Area Furniture

"Hip" hospitality armchair for employee lounge by Quinti Sedute

Hip armchair by Quinti Sedute

This differs from one office to another and could be either an employee lounge, in-house cafeteria, private terrace, Library or Media Room, Game Room, etc. This area especially needs to have a vibe that echoes recreation as soon as your employees walk in to ease a bit. The furniture here should manifest relaxation & could be bohemian or modern with bright colors, comfort cushions, poufs, bean bags, recliners or loungers, multipurpose tables and the likes of it. The intention is to help your employees unwind as they chat, read, eat or play so that they return to work feeling refreshed.


You can base your office’s design theme on the kind of industrial sector you belong to, but there has to be a vision behind that. Your office lays out the first impression for any of your customers or clients as well. It represents your brand and that is what gets taught in your employees also. The overall furniture layout should be designed to furnish a free course of communication amongst employees so that they work together as a team.

A tasteless piece of furniture not only becomes a reminder for your employees that their comfort doesn’t matter to the office but it also makes the entire working purely transactional. It is important for the office management to realize that the employees need to feel valued to stay productive rather than drained but busy all the while!

It seems a foregone conclusion, but unfortunately for many, it is still not. 

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