How to Choose the Best Sofa for Your Living Space

June 8, 2021

The sofa is the centrepiece and an indispensable part of your living space. It is the seat where you will spend countless hours relaxing on weekends or after work, binge-watching your favourite shows, and hosting parties to entertain your guests.

Choosing a new sofa is not as easy as it seems. Moreover, selecting the right sofa for your living room from many different options and configurations available in the market can feel like an intimidating task. Since a sofa is a big investment and you will likely keep it in your living room for years to come, you should do thorough research and carefully select one that is comfortable, functional, and durable, and adds a spark of style to your space.


Here we have compiled a list of helpful sofa buying tips that will save you both time and money:



The type of sofa you buy will largely depend on the space of your living room and how many people you are planning to accommodate. Before purchasing, always measure the area where the sofa will be placed and also consider the other (new/existing) furnishings that will accompany it as you don’t want to invest in a sofa that is too big or small for your space and doesn’t fit through your front door or the confines of your living space. Also, make sure you leave enough breathing room to easily walk around it and place other pieces of furniture without obstructing any movement.

If you have a large or open space, then go for a sectional sofa to create a separation between the spaces, whereas a love seat and standard couch are the best options for a small living room.

Redondo Armchair

Redondo Armchair by Moroso


Keep in mind the style of your living room while buying a sofa. Ensure that the sofa syncs well with your living room’s existing decor and furniture and uplifts it. If your living room is modern, i.e. your coffee table, side chairs, armchairs, and others have a contemporary feel, then your sofa must also have the same features and exude the same style in its curves, lines, colors, and fabric. However, if you wantn you can match and mix different styles according to your preference, provided the final result looks appealing. 


Take into consideration the existing color scheme of your room as the sofa color should match and blend in with the other decor and general theme of your living room and not become the main center of attention. Although there is no right and wrong when choosing a

color and it is based solely on individual preference but the traditional and neutral colors are more popular options. Remember, you can always add a splash of color later on with colorful accessories, throw pillows, and other accent elements.

Sancal Producto Sofa Tiptoe 01

Tiptoe sofa by Sancal


Decide on the functionality and need of your sofa and how many people you will accommodate before browsing various sofa styles. If you have a small family, then a standard couch might be the best option for you. Similarly, if you have a large family and a more open space, then you can invest in a sectional sofa. Knowing about the main function of your sofa will help you choose the right one for your space.



Although the aesthetic of the sofa is important, it should not be chosen over functionality and practicality. 

A leather sofa does look good in a living room and will surely make your space look elegant, but if you have pets, then it won’t last very long as your furry friend’s claws can rip and scratch the leather. Similarly, if you have little kids, then opt for stain-resistant and performance fabric upholstery that is easier to clean and maintain. Always research the materials, frame type, and quality of the fabric used for the sofa you like to ensure that it will endure the tear and wear of daily use.


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