Incorporating the Right Colours into Your Office Interior Design

May 28, 2021

A lot of thought and planning must have gone into building your brand and creating your office space. For every small decision, many meetings to brainstorm would have taken place. But is it still a surprising fact for you that even after doing so much, the overall productivity of your office employees remains marginally low?


If so, step out of your room and walk around. Sit alone for a little while in your reception, waiting arena, conference rooms, and department offices, etc., and look. Look hard. Observe the surroundings, the walls, windows, blinds, desks, furniture, rugs, and yes, your floor.




Ok good.


So what do you feel- Happy/ Content/ Nothing/ Gloomy/ Restless/ A void/ or maybe bored?


Now amplify that feeling by 8-9 hours. That is how your employee feels- sitting there, working long shifts, discussing and thinking important things, talking to customers, and everything else.


Colours psychology plays a significant role in boosting your employees’ productivity and overall morale at the office. This is usually undermined in the priority list of any office and such companies, later on, suffer huge losses, never knowing what actually went wrong.

Colourful office space in Dubai

BE4 Design project – Office workspace in d3


The colour band used in the office’s interior design has a huge effect on employees’ mood, motivation, morale, enthusiasm, and thus productivity. They shouldn’t dread the feeling of coming to the office every morning. Instead, they should feel happy about working there. When they sit at their workstations, they should feel a sense of ownership and shared responsibility. When they are engrossed in thoughts and look around, the walls should feel inspiring. When they take a coffee break and want to relax, they should have a go-to place to unwind.


Key aspects to keep in mind before going ahead to choose the right colour band for your office’s interior design.


  1. Not too loud– Adding a pop of colour doesn’t mean each wall should burst open in a rainbow. Be subtle.


  1. Brand– The colours should echo the essence of your brand so that your customers or clients do not feel a disconnect. At the same time, the employees will also harbour the brand’s core subconsciously while working.


  1. Accents– If the overall look of your office cannot be changed, but you desire transformation, then revamp the accent walls wherever possible.


  1. Theme– Follow an overall theme with colours to all looks easy on the eye once done.


  1. Ideation– During the ideation phase, seek suggestions from your employees and make them a part of the whole process. They can share their opinions, and it will also instil a sense of belonging and trust.


  1. Accessorise– You can imprint quotes, brand values, or vision on the walls. Photo frames or collages can also be added to create a personal touch.


A few colours that may help you choose:


  1. Blue– Tranquil and gentle. It has a calming effect and can lower down anxiety. It can be used in meeting rooms to ease up any high flaring tense atmosphere.


  1. Green– Colour of nature. It accentuates focus and concentration. It also relieves stress and reduces eye strain.


  1. Red– Powerful and overpowering. It tends to take over the surrounding so has to be used in a balanced way. It causes stimulation and inspires a creative sense.


  1. Yellow– The sunshine colour. It evokes a sense of cheer and joy. Spreading a sheer sense of excitement, it also helps innovativeness. But it also adds to the pangs of hunger and is at times too much on the eyes.


  1. Orange– Bright and cheerful. Steer away from the darker shade of orange, and you will be in a good space. It represents happiness and is quite welcoming. A perfect accent backdrop for your reception desk, isn’t it?


  1. Purple– Luxurious and dreamy. Avoid the darker shade of this colour as it spreads a sense of gloom. On the other hand, the light tone exudes a mysterious aura and triggers ambition. How about taking this to the ‘unwind’ section of your office layout?


Help your employees make the most of their time at the office for overall productivity and personal growth. Be4Design offers a varied range of office furniture. Have a look at some of the most tasteful options you can opt for to create the perfect office layout.



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