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We’re a passionate and dynamic Italian design studio with over 25 years of local expertise and 30 years in international project management. 

Specializing in interior design, products, and décor, we thrive on capturing emerging trends and translating them into distinctive design solutions.

Every project is a deep dive into our client’s values, history, and aspirations, aiming to craft a truly authentic design experience.

Our essence is defined by creativity, open-mindedness, precision, and flair.

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Our Interior Design Thinking

SPACE (catalyst)
A well-designed space integrates Strategy, Research and Quality in order to improve performances, shape the Culture of the Clients and integrate latest Trends and Style.

FLEXIBILITY (efficiency over time)
Needs and trends are constantly changing: spaces and concepts must easily support changes with a good flexibility over time.

RESEARCH (deep understanding)
Research means understanding the continuous nature of design, trends and environmental conditions in which we operate. We have a strong experience in the assessment of the needs of each Client, in defining its vision in order to produce solutions that help to meet their medium and long-term objectives.

CREATIVITY (a step forward, timeless)
A “WOW” design project is a consequence of a deep amalgamation of the 3 facts listed above and well considered during the design process: space, flexibility and research. The creativity brings the interior space to a successful completion of the project and client’s satisfaction.

interior design of a living room

Our 4 Interior Design Pillars

Thanks to our multi-sectors experience alongside with our knowledge of design trends & styles, we create unique tailor crafted designs, and fully express our client’s expectations.
We are an Italian Design Studio based in Dubai with international experience. Our staff is Italian with a strong multi-cultural exposure combined to inbred creative talents. We understand, bring and integrate the latest innovations we observe anywhere.
We are a Dynamic Design Studio which believes in the creativity and the beauty of "Design". We enjoy reinventing ourselves by approaching different sectors and by challenging our own past experience.
We provide Full Design Solutions and define ourselves as the “design problem solving” company. We deliver perfection to our clients: from high-end design services to best-in-class design solutions.
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At BE4, we begin our interior design journey by sketching a vivid outline of your envisioned design and FF&E elements.

This sets the tone for our collaborative story. We immerse ourselves in understanding your aspirations, translating them into strategic space plans. Open dialogue ensures we align with your budget and vision, while our curated mood boards capture the essence of your desired style.

We also delve into material selections, ensuring every design element, from decorations to furniture, harmonizes with the overarching concept.

Building on the foundation of our approved space planning and the essence captured in our mood boards, BE4 meticulously crafts the final conceptual floor plans. This is where our vision starts to crystallize.

We then embark on a journey of material selection, ensuring each choice perfectly complements the established interior design concept.

To bring our collaborative vision to life and offer you a glimpse into the future, BE4 creates stunning Computer Generated Images (Renderings). These renderings serve as a window into the beautifully designed space we’re shaping together.

Once we’ve received your nod of approval from stage 2, BE4 delves deeper into the intricacies of design details, refining them in close collaboration with you.

We seamlessly coordinate with the designated contractor, ensuring architectural and electrical drawings align perfectly. Our commitment is to ensure that every aspect of the project, contributed by all parties involved, resonates with the overarching design vision.

This meticulous process culminates in the preparation of detailed drawings, capturing the essence of the Interior Design Works and FF&E, all rooted in the approved concept

At BE4, we meticulously craft the full spectrum of interior design details and FF&E designs for the project.

Our aim is to ensure every detail is fleshed out, paving the way for a seamless execution on-site.

While we handle the comprehensive design intricacies, it’s important to note that MEP and Shop Drawings are expertly developed by our appointed contractors, following a Design & Build approach.

As we progress, we curate detailed schedules that vividly describe the chosen materials and furnishings, highlighting our top recommendations for the interior.

Furthermore, we coordinate the Specifications, Bill of Quantities (BOQ), and all essential documentation. This ensures a smooth transition to the fit-out works and the procurement of FF&E, all while ensuring perfect harmony with other design disciplines.

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