Major Mistakes to avoid while designing your Office

March 21, 2021

The meticulous efforts put behind designing an office lead to high productivity, efficiency, and growth of office employees, who in turn tend to bring even greater results for the company’s success rate. Workplace design mistakes not only hampers that but may also lead to loss of clients, lower retention of skilled professionals and/or accidents and health issues.

Whether you have been in business for long or are just starting out, you should put in duteous design planning and caution while setting up an office. It will not only improve the aesthetics and add to your brand image, but also bring tangible benefits to employees as well as the management.

Here are the major mistakes you must avoid while designing your Office.


You need to hire a dedicated designer rather than taking office designing lightly. Many times this becomes just a task to get over with. You need to realize that it will not serve any purpose. A designer should be given the authority to take charge and make decisions for smooth processing.

Open-Floor Layout

Over the last few years, this design layout had gained a lot of momentum. It is cost-effective and is believed to improve team spirit. The expansion also becomes easy as only a few desks are to be added for more seating. However, its popularity has decreased owing to the loss of creativity and productivity.

The entire space looks cluttered with a high noise level of people talking loudly, ringing phones, discussions, and hampered movement. It also sets a bad example in front of any client who doesn’t feel comfortable being frank amongst a bunch load of people. There also remains no privacy for employees from each other or bosses, which adds to their stress level and discomfort.

Open space office with large window

The perfect solution for privacy – Acoustic Room by Fantoni


Every nook and corner of your office should have appropriate lighting. Energy-saving tactics should not be employed here as they may lead to long-term vision issues for your employees. In the event of poor lighting and strenuous working, the irritability will increase, and your employees’ efficiency will also drop drastically. Many times the management secures corner offices for themselves. This blocks the windows, which can add to good lighting. Either your office layout should accommodate numerous windows, or you should take care that no structure blocks natural light.


Sound also plays an equally important role as the lighting in an office design. You must discuss with your designer the acoustic materials to be used to reduce noise levels. This should be done in client meeting rooms and in the employees’ sitting spaces to help improve their concentration. Excess noise either from devices, equipment, or discussions must be reduced. Wall paneling, wall-to-wall carpet, and fabric upholstery will also lead to noise-dampening as a quick resort.

Poor organization of wiring

Lack of proper desk cable management services will lead to open wiring and scattered cables. They are often taped to the floor, and some rugs are thrown over them to act as cover. But it looks shabby and also becomes a tripping hazard.

Modern table design with tripod legs and electrical outlets incorporated.

Cable management has never been easier – Harvey by Et Al.

First impression at Reception

The reception area plays a crucial role in building your brand’s first impression for any visitor. A client, customer, or a professional coming in for an interview will judge your company by the first look he/she gathers at the reception area or the waiting lounge as some offices have. Many times, this area is treated only as an entryway. Do not skip its importance for creating a lasting positive impression.

Mindful Implementation

At times, you may assume a specific trend or look that you have seen or read about will work for your office too. However, that’s not always the case. Companies belong to an array of sectors having varied clientele. Something that works for somebody else might just play a reverse role in your case. So even though it’s good to be inspired, you need to be very mindful about its implementation. You can always discuss your ideas with your designer, who can understand your vision and customize plans to accommodate your concepts without hampering the overall objective.


Bland office décor can lead to a dull atmosphere. To instill a fresh outlook and bursts of creativity, your employees need to feel inspired. Monotonous wall or furniture color, the same kind of office furniture for each and all, and lack of artwork or branding create a huge disconnect. Kill monotony with a fresh design perspective. 


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