April 22, 2017


After celebrating its 60th anniversary last year, in 2017 Metalmobil comes to the Salone del Mobile with an important renewal, an evolution in communications, which brings with it a growth in the strategic process and positioning in the market, to get on the same page as the company’s main stakeholders: designers and architects. The company’s evolution, therefore, is geared towards tackling the challenges of the international market and meeting the latest demands of a vast and diverse public.

For sixty years, Metalmobil has succeeded in building up its reputation thanks to products produced with an artisan approach, backed by industry, stability, research, design and a team of consultants and resellers who increase the level of quality by making the customer aware of the wholly artisan product. Metalmobil has always been a forward-thinking company where innovation and tradition meet and the historic roots do not hold back the path to renewal, but, on the contrary, act as a driving force.

On this evolutionary path, the company has entrusted its image to the graphic designer, Leonardo Sonnoli, who, in partnership with Massimo Gardone, a renowned design photographer, have represented the three collections of chairs at the 2017 Salone del Mobile in a completely different way compared to previous years. They have placed them in a world of shapes and materials, reminiscent of architecture and interior design, in a setting where the objects will find a home.

Gianni Filindeu, a sophisticated architect, who has curated the installation of important art and design exhibitions, took this conceptual idea and vision as a starting point for designing the stand at the Salone del Mobile. He was inspired by urban architecture, a town inhabited by Metalmobil furniture, with a large, familiar square surrounded by a story of best sellers and new products, like the Dalton collection by Giulio Iacchetti or the Nassau chair by Marc Sadler in the new padded version.

The company is experiencing a period of significant growth in terms of revenue which has resulted in substantial investments, not just in communication and brand identity, but also in everything that gravitates around the product, from collaboration with top, internationally acclaimed designers to partnerships with new suppliers of raw and semi-processed materials selected for their production quality.

The company is debuting its fresher, more modern look at the 2017 Salone del Mobile, but this is just the beginning of an evolving process that will lead to further changes and new products in the months to come.



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