Ansam Private Apartment – Abu Dhabi

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For the Ansam Apartment in Abu Dhabi, BE4 Design embarked on a project that would bring a touch of Spanish Andalusian style to the heart of the city. Situated with views overlooking a lush golf course and tranquil canal, this apartment offered a canvas to craft a living space that embodies relaxation, nature-inspired elements, particularly the sea, and the serene aesthetics of neutral tones.

In transforming the space, we focused on several key areas. The bathroom underwent a significant change, moving from a bathtub to a more spacious and accessible shower. This choice was part of our effort to blend functionality with the apartment’s overall relaxed and stylish theme. Flooring was another major aspect of our work, where we replaced existing tiles with parchet to add warmth and a refined look that complements the Andalusian vibe.

A fresh layer of paint throughout the apartment was applied, contributing to the fresh and inviting atmosphere. Recognizing the importance of practical living solutions, we also crafted a custom cupboard for household items, ensuring that elegance and utility go hand in hand.

Addressing the client’s specific desires, we incorporated a double door fridge and adapted one of the guest rooms to include two bedrooms, aiming to meet their lifestyle needs while staying true to the apartment’s design ethos.

The project wasn’t without its challenges. Adjusting all electrical sockets to fit the new design, dealing with a last-minute cancellation from our initial lighting supplier, and conducting value engineering to match the client’s design preferences within a set budget required flexibility and resourcefulness. We managed to navigate these obstacles by finding a reliable local lighting supplier and carefully selecting local furniture providers that aligned with both the aesthetic and financial considerations of the project.

Completing the Ansem Apartment was a journey of adaptation and dedication to meeting our client’s needs and expectations. Our aim was to create a space that feels both luxurious and comfortable, reflecting the beauty and tranquility of its Andalusian inspiration. This project, while presenting its set of challenges, was a valuable opportunity for us to demonstrate our commitment to thoughtful and client-focused interior design.

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