Double Finance Offices

About the project

Nestled in the heart of JLT, Dubai, Double Finance Offices emerges as a modern-day homage to the world’s financial nucleus, Wall Street. Transcending traditional design and with a nod to the pulsating world of finance, our team undertook the challenge of completely revamping an already existing structure, turning it into a nexus of technology and aesthetic allure.

The Brief

The client’s aspirations were clear and grandiose. Taking inspiration from the electrifying vibes of New York’s Stock Exchange, they envisioned a space interspersed with TV panels, broadcasting live financial updates, much like the shimmering billboards of Time Square. The floor plan was meticulously chalked out to incorporate three managers’ rooms, a sanctum for the CEO, a state-of-the-art meeting room, and a sleek, minimalistic reception.

The color palette? The rich, earthy browns reminiscent of the iconic Pagani building in Dubai, providing a touch of local essence to this global design.

Challenges and Triumphs

Every great creation has its set of hurdles. For us, the technical installation of panels to remotely display financial data was a feat in itself. Additionally, anchoring a mammoth TV onto a gypsum partition called for strategic reinforcements with wood slats.

The Transformation

No stone was left unturned, literally. From the floors to the ceilings and partitions, a complete overhaul was executed. The meeting room and entrance became the proud bearers of LD panel lights, remotely operable and mirroring the dynamic stock news updates of the New York Stock Exchange.

The pièce de résistance? The CEO’s room. With the company’s logo symbolizing an astronaut helmet, it was only fitting to house Roche Bobois’s Furtive desk, evoking a sense of space and gravity. The New Yorker theme flowed seamlessly here with furnishings like the New York sofa, Deep chairs, and Cruz marble coffee tables by Quinti. All these, bathed in the brown hue of the Pagani building, bring about a cosmopolitan yet familiar ambiance.

Functional Spaces

The meeting room was adorned with a 98-inch smart TV, a testament to the blend of luxury and utility. For the managers’ domains, our choices reflected both budget-consciousness and the ultra-modern ethos of the office.

The waiting area, an amalgamation of function and style, featured the Buddy seat from Pedrali, while the reception was a custom-made marvel right from Dubai, flaunting marble effects and laminated tops.

In the end, Double Finance Offices stands not just as a workspace but a testament to visionary design, a space where the electric spirit of Wall Street meets the opulence of Dubai.

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