Rove La Mer Beach Hotel – Dubai

About the project

Nestled within the dynamic environment of La Mer, BE4 Design had the opportunity to contribute to the inviting outdoor spaces of the Rove La Mer Beach Hotel. This endeavor was characterized by a collaborative spirit and a shared vision of creating welcoming and functional outdoor areas for guests.

Collaboration at the Heart

Our engagement with the project began through a continued partnership with the Emmar’s ID team, a relationship we value deeply for its collaborative growth and mutual respect. Tasked with reimagining the hotel’s swimming pool and beach areas, we were kindly given the freedom to lead the design direction. This trust was both a privilege and a reflection of the confidence our clients have in our approach.

Thoughtful Selection and Design

The project’s creative journey was not guided by a predefined furniture selection, allowing us room to explore and select pieces that resonated with the Rove Hotels’ ethos. We opted for a palette that draws from the hotel’s signature light blue and yellow, aiming to mirror the vibrancy of Dubai’s landscape and the hotel’s branding in our design choices.

Selecting teak wood for its durability and aesthetic compatibility with our vision, we aimed to ensure the outdoor spaces would be inviting and resilient. This decision was rooted in a desire to create an environment that is both beautiful and withstands the test of time.

Sustainability and Customization

Our approach included revitalizing some of the hotel’s existing furniture, aligning with our commitment to sustainability. By restoring and re-upholstering these pieces, we aimed to blend the old with the new in a meaningful way.

In balancing custom-made and designer furniture, our goal was to craft an outdoor experience that felt both unique and practical. This included providing detailed technical and executive drawings for the custom pieces, alongside carefully selected items from brands like Pedrali, Resol, and Talenti.

Considerate Implementation

Understanding the importance of the hotel’s ongoing operations, our team undertook the logistical challenge of scheduling all deliveries and assembly tasks during the late-night hours. This was done with the utmost respect for the hotel’s guests, ensuring their experience remained uninterrupted and enjoyable.

A Humble Contribution

The completion of the Rove La Mer Beach Hotel project represents a humble contribution by BE4 Design to the vibrant tapestry of Dubai’s hospitality scene. It was an opportunity to apply our passion for design and our commitment to client collaboration and sustainability. We are grateful for the trust placed in us to enhance the guest experience at the Rove La Mer Beach Hotel, and we look forward to the possibility of inspiring future guests with our careful consideration of design and functionality.

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