Is It Time to Refurnish Your Hotel? Look Out For These Top Signs

February 6, 2021

When it comes to the hotel industry, polished presentation, and saying – the first impression is the last stands totally true. Your customers or guests will judge you and your services and hospitality by the very first look of your hotel, even before purchasing a room.

Whether it is a fine dine with family or friends or staying overnight at your hotel, your guests expect that your services are impeccable, the staff is professional, and the furniture you use is attractive, well maintained, and clean. Damaged furniture not only looks appalling but also sends a wrong message to your customers and can further lead to loss of business.

As a hotel manager or owner, you might think that refurnishing your hotel can be a huge expense and headache. If you don’t want this to impact your future business and lessen your property’s value, you should not waste any more time and update your furniture sooner than later.


Here are the top signs you might consider when it comes to change your hotel furniture:

  • As furniture is the first thing that your guests see upon arrival, it is of paramount importance that it stands out and looks eye-catching. Especially if you have had your furniture since the inception of the hotel, aging signs would be starkly visible.

Some of the tell-tale signs are:

    • Furniture is broken and worn out
    • Torn furniture upholstery
    • Loose or Wobbly furniture legs
    • Chipped off veneer
    • Furniture is starting to separate at the seams
    • Visible nicks or cracks


  • The design of your furniture is outdated as compared to other features of your hotel or is not in sync with the decor or general theme of your hotel. Instead of getting your old furniture highlighted as the odd one on your property, it is better to shop for new furniture that blends seamlessly with your hotel’s contemporary or traditional look.


  • Suppose your furniture is coated with toxic materials such as lead-based paints. In that case, you should not even have a second thought and immediately upgrade to furniture with toxic-free, water-based, and eco-friendly paints.


  • The furniture is quite common and is also used by your surrounding hotels. To stand out from the crowd and beat the competition, getting new furniture is an excellent way to give your hotel the necessary makeover to stay updated with the latest trends.


  • You have read bad reviews or have heard your customers complaining about the uncomfortable furniture of yours. In the digitalization age, negative reviews and bad word of mouth can break your hotel’s reputation and prevent further customers to shortlist your hotel online or even come to your hotel.


  • Your furniture has already lasted years of abuse and doesn’t look good now and has lost its original look and luster. In this case, it doesn’t matter if it is still functional or comfortable; updating your furniture is a more informed decision as your customers would like to see a new, unique and modern design that blends well with the style demands of your property. 


Your hotel furniture is an integral part of your hotel property as it can indirectly convey a lot of information about your hotel and set expectations for your customers. It doesn’t matter how well renovated your hotel is or how great your customer service is; if your hotel’s furniture is not attractive or updated, then your guests are bound to leave disappointed.

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