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In Restaurant Interior Design first impressions count

Whether you want it or not, first impressions count – especially in a world where your digital presence is key to your business success.

Your restaurant and cafe look and feel is your business card. It is the factor that lets people decide if they want to book a table and try your delicacies or not. And the eventual reason for sharing that experience with friends and family.

We cannot do much about the food appeal (we’re sure that, as a restaurant owner, you strive to have the best), but we can help you deliver the customer experience your restaurant or café deserves.

With over 20 years of experience in restaurant interior design, we can assist you in designing the best interiors that fit your physical space, stay within the budget, and reflect your brand identity and personality.

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Restaurant Design
What you can expect

Our approach to Restaurant Interior Design

Size Doesn’t Matter

During the last 25 years, we completed projects of all sizes: small and big restaurants, cafes, and entire food courts.

Whether small or big, the size of your business premises is not a limiting factor for us.

Value Engineering

We strive to provide the best solutions that fit the design expectations and stay within budget.

With over 25 premium partner brands or custom-made solutions, you can choose the furniture pieces that match your ideas without breaking the bank.

Turn-key Projects

Tell us about what you want to bring to reality and we can take care of the rest.

From space interior design and furniture selection to complete fit-outs, you’ll receive your project ready to welcome customers.

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Our Latest F&B Projects

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Jafza One – Food Court
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Beauty without compromising on functionality​

Besides beauty and design, there is another aspect to consider regarding restaurant furniture: functionality.

There is no point in having amazing chairs and tables if they are heavy, uncomfortable, and don’t favor meal consumption and interactions between guests.

Moreover, your staff needs to be able to clean, sanitize, prepare, and easily adjust the disposition of chairs and tables if necessary. The easier the furniture management, the better the restaurant or café operations will flow.

Last but not least, your furniture will be used quite a lot. Due to the table turnover, your furniture must be high quality, durable, and with specific technical properties like stain and fire resistance. That’s why we select furniture specifically designed for restaurants with a 2-year warranty on manufacturing defects.

Elegant Interiors, On-schedule Opening

Create Your Signature Space

From concept to realization, open your dream restaurant with unique and custom-made interior design solutions without straying from your timeline or budget.