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Billiani, rooted in a rich history and artisanal excellence, is not just a company but an interconnected chain of seasoned artisans, each mastering a specific phase of the production journey. Their primary mission lies in nurturing and propagating this unique ‘Made in Italy’ manufacturing heritage, transforming it into more than just a product label, but a reflection of a shared cultural and artisanal lineage, especially in the realm of family businesses.

Billiani’s origin traces back to 1911 when it started as a family venture, producing elegantly curved wooden chairs with intricate caning. This family business blossomed in what eventually became the renowned chair district post-World War II. The transition to the third generation in 1986 marked Billiani’s global recognition, particularly for significant foreign projects. Luigi Billiani, an architect by training and a name echoing the legacy of his grandfather, alongside his wife Veronik Romanutti, reimagined Billiani for the modern era by introducing design-centric ethos.

Their landmark appearance at the Salone del Mobile in Milan in 2002 underlined this evolution. Their designs, rich in tradition yet modern in flair, gained global acclaim, with some pieces even gracing museums like the MoMA and the Milan Triennale. 2019 saw the induction of Milan-based architect and designer, Cristina Celestino, as the artistic director, further emphasizing their commitment to the centrality of chairs and their cherished material – wood.

Billiani prides itself on its deep connection with the local production ethos, ensuring top-tier quality while continually enriching the collective expertise of the entire district. In the contract realm, they stand out for their agility, adaptability, and meticulous attention to detail, fulfilling the multifaceted needs of modern projects with flair and durability.






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