About Calia Italia

Calia Italia, founded by Liborio Vincenzo Calia in 1965, has deep roots in Matera’s artisan workshops. A young Calia honed his carpentry skills there, crafting wooden items ranging from practical tools to decorative household items. By the age of 18, Calia had launched his own venture. By 1965, his focus shifted entirely to designing upholstered furniture with the singular aim of providing comfort.

Matera, with its unique “Sassi” or ancient neighborhoods carved into white, porous rocks, has always inspired a collective sense of solidarity and the pursuit of comfort amidst its harsh landscapes. This spirit is captured in Calia Italia’s mission, driven by the philosophy of its founder: “People need to feel comfortable and relax, they love to close their eyes and dream. Our work involves mind and hands.”

Today, under the leadership of Saverio Calia and Giuseppe Calia, the company has gained global recognition. With over 1,500 dedicated workers, they produce 1,000 seats daily and introduce over 50 new models annually. Their diverse range offers 40 different covers in over 400 colors, catering to over 80 countries.

Calia Italia’s core values encompass transparency, solidarity, flexibility, integrity, and respect for tradition. They emphasize nurturing young talent, fostering innovation, and making quality accessible. Their commitment to excellence is evident in their state-of-the-art production facilities, which include an expansive automated warehouse and sustainable manufacturing practices, reflecting both their rich heritage and forward-thinking approach.







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