About Crassevig

Crassevig has been at the forefront of redefining the historical traditions of design for over half a century, guided by the pillars of design, colour, and flexibility. This evolution hinges on merging territorial manufacturing, pioneering design concepts, valuable partnerships, and the selection of optimal materials. This unique fusion, underpinned by a mission that harmonizes quality, promptness, ecological consciousness, and human well-being, propels Crassevig into a new realm of design. Central to Crassevig’s ethos is the sanctity of human craftsmanship.

The artisanal finesse of Friuli seamlessly intertwines with modern design sensibilities and industrial craftsmanship. This blend doesn’t just represent a business approach; it stands as a testament to Crassevig’s commitment to social responsibility. The company’s core is deeply rooted in its community, with a staggering 70% of its suppliers hailing from the Chair District, located within a close 20 km radius. This proximity nurtures a bond grounded in ethical standards, relationship management, and an artisanal touch that perfects each detail. This localized ecosystem thrives on the collective expertise of specialized workers, a transparent supply chain, and collaborators who prioritize ethical values, ultimately crafting products that resonate with humanity.

Further, Crassevig’s designs spring to life through their collaboration with a myriad of international talents. The brand’s signature soft lines morph into diverse design narratives, encompassing a spectrum of designers, architects, and global studios, yet preserving each’s distinct identity. This synthesis of local craftsmanship with a global perspective fosters an enriching interplay of diverse ideas, styles, and experiences, creating a holistic design tapestry.






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