About Drigani

In the heart of Udine, Galliano Drigani founded Drigani in 1950, a brand that’s come to epitomize the best in contract and hospitality design. From its humble origins as a small-scale craft business, Drigani now proudly exports its Italian-made, internationally-styled furniture to global markets. With a legacy spanning over half a century, Drigani has honed its artisanal prowess, ever-driven by a passion for innovation. Their product lines are a seamless blend of aesthetics and functionality, a testament to their ever-evolving understanding of their clientele’s needs.

The essence of Drigani is defined by its values: tradition, culture, passion, and elegance. The brand weaves a delicate balance between minimalist yet impactful designs, using natural materials embellished with handcrafted details. Drigani’s outdoor collections are more than just furniture; they are invitations to tranquillity. Crafted for relaxation and pleasure, they pause the frenetic pace of life, letting time stand still. Each piece echoes the belief that leisure is an art, deserving meticulous attention to detail.

Their versatile collections offer customization like no other. From chairs to accessories, made with varied materials like wood and aluminium, Drigani crafts pieces suited for both indoor and outdoor spaces. The brand has become a touchstone for contract clientele, interpreting spaces with cutting-edge, functional designs that accentuate the unique character of any environment.







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