About Ethimo

Ethimo embodies the soul of the Mediterranean, drawing inspiration from its rich colors, captivating scents, and enduring traditions. This Italian brand seamlessly combines an innate understanding of the Mediterranean ethos with contemporary design, ensuring every piece radiates timeless elegance.

Values & Materials

Ethimo’s commitment to excellence is evident in its choice of sustainable materials. Marrying innovation with tradition, Ethimo curates a palette of finishes suited for various environments: be it the salt-kissed seaside, serene mountains, vibrant cities, or by tranquil poolsides. Their pioneering spirit saw the introduction of a unique line dedicated to mountainous terrains. By prioritizing eco-consciousness, they use FSC certified wood, ensuring responsible forestry practices.

Design Philosophy

With collaborations with renowned international designers, Ethimo’s collections exude a distinctive character. Whether it’s lounge sets, dining configurations, or intricate lighting designs, every piece tells a unique story, echoing Ethimo’s ethos of beauty, functionality, and authenticity. The commitment extends to environmental stewardship, ensuring every creation respects its natural origins.

Experience & Continuity

Ethimo envisions outdoor spaces as seamless extensions of the indoors, crafting environments brimming with details, accessories, and warmth. Their design approach is a harmonious blend of research, innovation, and contemporary aesthetics.

Roots & Global Presence

Nestled amidst the Moutan Botanic Centre’s verdant expanses, home to the world’s most significant peony collection, Ethimo’s roots are firmly grounded in nature. Since its inception in 2009, Ethimo, with four decades of outdoor living expertise, has marked its presence in over 70 countries. Their collaborations with world-renowned designers position them as ambassadors of quintessential Italian Design. To experience Ethimo is to immerse oneself in a narrative where design meets nature, creating spaces that resonate with serenity, beauty, and authenticity.







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