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Lebom exemplifies sustainability in interior design, integrating environmental responsibility into every facet of their business. Their philosophy centers on a conscious lifestyle, reflected in their commitment to sustainable practices and responsible material selection. This approach transforms the traditional value chain into a circular one, minimizing environmental impact and promoting long-term ecological balance.

Key to Lebom’s sustainability efforts is the meticulous selection of materials. They prioritize the origin, quality, and recyclability of materials, using PEFC-certified woods and eco-friendly fabrics from industry leaders. These choices not only ensure environmental compliance but also foster a sustainable production ecosystem.

Their manufacturing process, fully integrated in Valencia, Spain, exemplifies their commitment to reducing carbon emissions and optimizing logistics. Lebom’s approach to sustainability extends beyond materials to include the entire lifecycle of their products. They rigorously analyze each stage, from cradle to grave, ensuring sustainable practices throughout their supply chain. This includes transitioning to recycled waste foams and constantly evaluating the environmental footprint of their fabrics.

Lebom designs for longevity, both aesthetically and materially, ensuring their products are durable and timeless. Their focus on sustainable, high-quality materials guarantees the longevity of their designs, suitable for various settings from luxury hotels to family homes.

At its heart, Lebom is about more than sustainability; it’s about cultivating a culture and lifestyle that respects the environment and values craftsmanship. Their diverse and inclusive work environment echoes these values, with a team dedicated to handcrafting designs that embody Mediterranean materiality and honest craftsmanship. Lebom’s commitment to sustainability is a defining aspect of their partnership with BE4 Design, offering a thoughtful, responsible approach to interior design.






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