About Paged

Paged Meble stands tall on a rich 140-year-old tradition, deeply rooted in crafting furniture from wood – nature’s noblest material. Their commitment extends beyond mere design; they prioritize environmental respect, sustainable wood sourcing, and meticulous handcraftsmanship that lends uniqueness to every piece.

Throughout history, wood’s enduring charm and maturing perfection have been cherished. Paged Meble honors this timeless material, treating it as a treasured gift, ensuring its procurement aligns with sustainable practices. The company’s ethos is to mirror the perfection of nature. Their dedication is seen in the unparalleled durability of their products, aimed at conserving our planet’s precious resources. Upholding ecological integrity, they exclusively utilize eco-friendly materials, continually refining their processes to reduce CO 2 emissions and water usage.

A noteworthy aspect of Paged Meble’s approach is their reverence for traditional methodologies. They champion techniques that are not only environmentally benign but also celebrate human precision. The age-old art of bending beech wood, a practice from the 19th century, is a testament to their dedication. It ensures every furniture piece, infused with the individuality of the artisan, stands distinct from the rest.







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Paged Garden catalogue cover 2021
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