About Resol

Resol has been transforming spaces since 1985, beginning with their first chair. Today, they boast the market’s most extensive catalogue, enlivening countless global spaces. Their designs resonate with the contemporary individual, understanding that today’s spaces serve as both social hubs and personal sanctuaries.

Resol believes modern design should communicate and reflect identity, a philosophy central to their success. Whether reimagining traditional offices into collaborative havens or crafting personalized business spaces that mirror their owners, Resol champions unique designs that foster connection and conversation. They challenge their customers to envision their ideal space, ensuring they have the tools to bring those visions to life.

Resol is not only committed to design but also to the environment. With a focus on the future, they prioritize sustainability in the present. All their plastic products are 100% recyclable, and they adhere to the strictest quality and environmental standards. By overseeing every production phase, Resol ensures top-tier quality while safeguarding a sustainable future for both the company and its clientele.






Hospitality, Outdoor

Resol Catalogues

Resol "Tapizados" catalog cover
Resol "Green Edition" Catalogue cover
Resol "News facilities" catalogue cover
Resol "Dress your space" catalog cover
Resol "Garden" catalogue cover
Resol news 2021 catalogue cover
Resol "barcelon dd" catalogue cover
Resol "Indecasa" catalogue cover
Resol "Vilagrasa" catalogue cover

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