About Scolaro Parasol

For over 40 years, Scolaro has been defining elegance in outdoor shading. Originally artisans in wooden parasols, their collection now elegantly spans wooden and aluminium designs, tailor-made for contract needs, garden aesthetics, and promotional endeavors. A testament to their excellence, Scolaro products find homes in over 70 countries. Beyond mere sunshades, their creations embody a fusion of design innovation and the finest Italian craftsmanship.

Every product stands as a hallmark of quality, entirely designed and manufactured in Italy. With a blend of waterproof fabrics, treated wood, and durable metals, Scolaro ensures longevity and professional-grade functionality in every piece. Moreover, their strategic partnership with Ombrellificio D’Incà guarantees easy maintenance and lasting parasol covers.







Scolaro Parasol Catalogues

Astro Timber Scolaro umbrella on Italian villa patio
Scolaro design catalogue cover 2022

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