About Sovet

Sovet, rooted in the Italian glass art tradition, seamlessly fuses it with modern design elements, crafting furniture that resonates with originality, elegance, and adaptability. Since its inception in 1987, Sovet’s narrative has been one of emotion, quality, and sustainable craftsmanship. This journey saw a pivotal moment in the early 2000s, as Sovet partnered with global designers, branching out from glass to integrate diverse materials.

Sovet’s dedication to “Made in Italy” isn’t just a label but a testament to their commitment to precision, harnessing industrial creativity, top-tier raw materials, and local artisanal expertise. Leveraging technology, they merge experience with the purest of materials like extralight glass, steel, and ceramic. Amidst the spectrum of sizes and colors, Sovet’s designs offer timeless simplicity, capturing the essence of an ideal living space.






Hospitality, Residential

Sovet Catalogues

Sovet upgrade catalogue 2021 cover
Sovet "Essential Collection" catalogue cover
Sovet essential collection catalogue cover
Sovet "magazine 01" catalogue cover
Sovet "magazine 02" catalogue cover

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