About Torre 1961

Established in 1961, Torre Furniture boasts over half a century of expertise. Spanning 11,000 sq. meters, they excel in crafting exceptional chairs and tables from diverse materials like metal, wood, leather, and plastic. Their offerings cater to both home and office spaces. Renowned for their custom-made services, they prioritize meeting individual client needs.

Over the past three decades, they’ve expanded their repertoire, introducing a Contract product line developed in collaboration with eminent architects and designers. Elegance, innovation, creativity, flexibility, and value underpin their ethos, leading to products that stand out both in design and durability. With a global customer base, they are poised to serve the world for years to come. Their vibrant and dedicated team stands ready to cater to the most exacting requirements.







Torre 1961 Catalogues

Mou catalog cover by Torre 1961
Lap catalog cover by Torre 1961
Seating island catalog cover by Torre 1961

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