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For over three decades, TRUE has been more than just a brand—it encapsulates the essence of a family that believes in direct action. Beginning as TMA in 1983, inspired by the furniture-centric locations of Treviso, Monselice, and Asiago, Donatella Brunello and Giuseppe Maniero’s blend of business acumen and technical prowess envisioned a global enterprise. Initially, it was only about seating for offices and auditoriums, but the family’s expertise in upholstery coupled with market changes prompted a reimagining of the brand’s direction. This led to the inception of TRUE in 2009, signifying not just the enterprise but the second entrepreneurial generation of Alessandro, Lorenzo, and Francesco Maniero.

TRUE stands as an emblem of enduring quality, adaptability, and innovation. It crafts exquisite furniture, offering the assurance of authentic, functional, and concrete products. This core ethos was further invigorated by architect Aldo Parisotto in 2014. Parisotto’s approach is a blend of design and architecture, resonating with the evolving demands of global designers and audiences. He transformed office spaces into more than just functional zones, infusing them with comfort and emotion. TRUE’s creations stem from its workforce’s dedication, set within a familial atmosphere. Recognizing the significance of design, the brand collaborates with designers who align with its principles, emphasizing wood, fabric, metals, and leather’s transformation into Italian-made, beautiful yet accessible furnishings.

Now, a decade later, TRUE aspires to elevate its stature on the global stage, fusing research, innovation, quality, and competitive service. Their vision? To harmoniously merge aesthetics and functionality, ensuring sustainability not just in terms of environment but also in design and material longevity. The brand is a testament to passion, a commitment to excellence, and a dream to enrich spaces with products that truly stand the test of time.






Hospitality, Residential

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