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Since 1969, Varaschin has expertly crafted outdoor furniture and accessories, with a foundation built on rich craftsmanship. Their design prowess is a reflection of their deep connection to contemporary desires and the latest stylistic trends. Varaschin products stand out for their impeccable balance between aesthetics and function, prioritizing comfort. The meticulous attention to detail in each creation embodies their commitment to unmatched quality.

Collaborating with top Italian and international designers, Varaschin translates their “Outdoor Therapy” philosophy into elegantly simple furnishings that seamlessly blend outdoor and indoor living, adding a touch of extraordinary to everyday life. Varaschin’s mission is clear: to enhance outdoor living, promoting relaxation, serenity, and optimal well-being. They envision themselves as Europe’s benchmark for premium outdoor furniture, advocating for a lifestyle that harmonizes nature with comfort and beauty, all while emphasizing sustainability.







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