Tips to Choose the Right Furniture for Your Restaurant

March 25, 2021

Do you know the reason behind a successful restaurant? It is not only about the tasty dishes you serve but also about your interior design, decor, layout, and furniture, which work together to create a big difference in your diners’ respective experience. 

This stands true for people that have not visited your restaurant before. New visitors will judge your restaurant based on how appealing it looks both outside and inside, even before trying the food.

Whether you are starting your own restaurant or thinking of refurbishing your existing business to make it more attractive and increase footfall, one of your main focuses should be to select the right furniture that can enhance your restaurant style and reflect your overall taste, vibe, and theme.

We know that shopping for new furniture reres extensive research and careful consideration of varied factors. 

We have compiled some helpful tips that will help you choose the best furniture for your restaurant. Let’s take a closer look.


Your furniture design, type, and color will be greatly influenced by your restaurant’s core concept, style, color scheme, and theme. If your theme is not decided yet, then you need to choose it first because your furniture should match the ambiance and environment that you want to present to your target customers. 

Also, it is a great idea to match the furniture to the kind of food and customers’ you will be serving. For example: if you are thinking of opening a café style restaurant or a casual diner place, then you should select cozy, vivid, stylish, and contemporary chairs, stools, couches, and coffee tables.

Or suppose you want your patrons to have a classic or elegant dining experience. In that case, you should opt for minimalist, sophisticated and traditional furniture with a slight blend of modern decor. Whatever you choose, your furniture should be in sync with your central theme and interior décor, and reflect the same brand message throughout.


Restaurants armchairs and tables by Et Al.

Kicca armchair by Et Al.

Comfortable, Durable & Functional

No matter how good or aesthetically pleasing the furniture is; if it is not durable, functional, and comfortable. Your customers won’t enjoy food with poor ergonomic, rugged, wobbly chairs and small tables. 

Never compromise on the quality of the furniture due to budget constraints. Low budget or cheap furniture may help you save little money but require costlier repairs or replacement down the line. Whereas durable furniture lasts longer, endures heavy traffic, and also prevents customer injury and potential lawsuits. 

Consider buying multi-purpose or indoor-outdoor neutral furniture that can be moved around easily and used in different arrangements and spaces depending on your requirements. Also, make sure that upholstered furniture is easy to clean and maintain since spillage of food and drinks is very likely to happen in a restaurant setting.


Babila armchairs collection for restaurant interiors

Babila collection by Predali


The choice and size of furniture will also be dependent on the floor space and furniture layout of your restaurant. Your should carefully plant your restaurant furniture layout because you would not want your establishment to appear overcrowded or empty. There should be ample space for your staff and customers to move around freely without causing any obstructions or accidents. 

After measuring out your space and finalizing the layout, select furniture that can fit your floor plan perfectly and complement the existing decor. 

However, don’t try to cramp too many pieces of furniture in an area to overutilize the space and accommodate more customers, as it can make your diners uncomfortable and even slow down your service. 

Do experiment with your furniture layout and combine functionality with visual appeal to create an impeccable experience for your customers.


Selecting the right restaurant furniture is important more so in today’s digital world, where your customers usually take pictures of themselves and their friends when they visit your establishment for dining and upload the same on social media to share with the world.

The choice of furniture can either raise your restaurant’s bar or lower it and directly set your customers’ expectations about the food you serve.

If you are still confused about which furniture will suit your restaurant, our team at BE4 Design can guide you and help you select the best furniture that can considerably improve your restaurant’s look, feel, and customer flow. 

For more information, contact us at info@be4design.ae.



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