Wow your Guests with the Perfect Outdoor Setup

February 16, 2021

Whether you have purchased a new property or are refurbishing the old décor, the design ideation of outdoor setup should be one of the top priorities for you. It is the space which if done right, can become one of the most bustling and gratifying nooks of your home. 

Especially with the restrictions that we witnessed in 2020, the outdoors have got a newfound vibe attached to them. We all have realized how important it is to have a go-to-place, apart from four-walled rooms. No matter if it’s a full-fledged garden, rooftop, small or big patio, backyard, or even a balcony. A little bit of grooming of your nursery and plants and having a comfy place to sit back and relax, can make a lot of difference.

Now, how can you turn your design into one that boasts of leisure and comfort?


First and foremost, you must make your outdoors refreshing. Spruce up the planters and take off weeds. Mow your lawn. Water regularly. Don’t let the green allotment clutter or look crowded. It should feel open and inviting. Remember, your entire design is based on this aspect because if that space doesn’t feel appealing, then there’s no point sitting there.


If you are someone who enjoys cooking while having conversations with your friends & family, then a live kitchen arrangement is something you should opt for in the outdoors. It could either be a simple barbeque or full slab scullery. Use either marble or single stone granite countertops in shades of brown. Tiles would make mud settle in the gaps that would look messy with time.


This is the most important aspect of making your outdoors alive. Your design aesthetics could be ideated on you being a modernist living in the city or a traditionalist in love with country life. Another factor to weigh in is the expanse available: you can’t fill the entire area with furniture. It should have enough room to take a stroll around and enjoy nature. You can go ahead with metal, wood, or all-weather wicker. Plastic is a cheap material option, however not something we would recommend. However, recycled plastic is environmentally friendly and can also be considered. 


If it’s a small cooking area, then a bistro set would look good and also add a certain vibrancy. If it’s a big kitchen, then you can go ahead with a full dining set with 4-8 seating capacity. The seats should be cushioned for comfort.


A sling-back chair is the most popular choice always. It’s truly comfortable to sit and lie down after a long tiring week and enjoy some sunshine or have a drink or two. Lounge chairs are also something you can go for in pairs coupled with deep cushions to give your guests the right feel always. You can also add a chaise lounger with a lot of pillows and a comfortable throw to enjoy the tranquil sunsets or dinner talks.


You can go for a 3+2 set or a sectional couch with relaxed oversized cushions and pillows. It would become the picture-perfect reading corner followed by an unplanned afternoon nap. And later, as your favourite couple cuddles there during game night, while you serve some piping hot starters straight from your open kitchen, it will be a moment to behold.  


A center table belonging to the same family as your couches and chairs will complete the look. If you are using a glass top, take proper care for upkeep, and use scratch-less fiberglass if available. Make it stand out with a centerpiece, which could either a shallow vase or a ceramic potter. A pair of small tables can go with loungers and chaise.

Furniture Accessories

You can never go wrong with a swing or hammock: If you have an open space, go for it not just for you but also for your guests’ sake!

Fire-pit will help your girl gang stay warm during a long winter party night. A mobile bar will also go well with the entire theme of your leisure setting. Put up a sunshade or umbrella wherever required.

PS- Don’t overdo. Keep the look immaculate, and don’t overstuff the place with heavy furniture. Pick and choose wisely to keep enough breathing room. Also, know before beginning as to what kind of look you want to achieve: for instance; Bohemian appearance will require a lot of vibrant colors and freestyle accent, Moroccan style can be achieved with a free splash of sun and bench style furniture with white cushions while, a countryside theme can be achieved with original wood furniture pieces, pebbled walk-throughs, a lot of plants and custom made concrete fire pit. Hence, pre-plan to achieve a winning look.


The whole point of having an outdoor space come alive is to relish what nature has to offer, right from the luxury of your own house. So there has to be an unhindered flow of natural light as much as possible during the day. For the night hours, use warm lights that can lead to a soft glow without being harsh and too much. Also, very bright light will attract insects, and that would be a buzz kill. You can also use fairy lights to bring in a celebratory aspect. Additionally, put up garden lights so that your greens brighten up even during the nights!

With a little creativity, you can create the intimate space you have desired for so long. And as we rightly started, you can most definitely WOW your guests by hosting dinners and gatherings at your cozy and stylish outdoor area. 

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